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LogFuze’s mission has always been to empower business evolving around Internet of Things and will forever be. Horavue was designed to be both an easy to use and to be powerful at the same time for the sole reason that even small businesses can benefit by having our tools in their arsenal. Over the last year and quarter, Horvue has been helping users from multiple line for works such as R&D teams from OEM, System Integrators, IoT enabler. Etc to visualise their data during pre production before going into production successfully.

Here is a case study on LogFuze itself used Horavue for testing before getting on with the actual production for a energy monitoring requirement from a leading textile manufacturing firm in South India.


On any given day and time, the power supply to the textile factory is provided by the electricity station. At times of power cut, the diesel generator is turned on for power input and once the power is reinstated from the electricity board as a source, the generator will be turned off. Now here, between the return of power from the station to turning off the generator, there is a brief amount of time where the generator is running and there is an occurence of wastage of power and diesel due to it. The client’s requirement is to monitor the power source; be it from the station or the engine and to install a buzzer to alert the personnels at times of power cut to turn on the engine and turn off the engine when the power is back.


Logfuze’s IOT Gateway

Energy Meter

Diesel Generator



Setting up the Hardware:

The energy meters are connected to the LogFuze’s IoT gateway. Then the diesel generator is connected to the IoT gateway through the RS485 port. Once connected both the energy meters and the diesel generator are ready for the data to be extracted.

Setting up the Software:

To start with, the user was asked to sign into an Horavue account in order to make use of the application. Once created the user had to create a stream where all the data will be mustered. The transfer mode along with the parameters need to be provided while creating the stream. The data format will be created as soon as the stream is created.

Create a Stream:

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Data Format:

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Once the configuration was done, the data was pushed from the device and the user was able to view all the data in table format.

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In addition to that Horavue was also able to provide the user with visualisation on voltage, current, energy and demand metrics based on their requirement. Graphs and metrics were highly regarded as it breaks down the data and visualise in such a way that it was so easily comprehended.

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A buzzer were instilled on the DG in order to notify the customer to switch off the DG after utility power is back. The Buzzer will make sound until the technician stops the DG. Also the same Notification will send as SMS from gateway and mail notifications from Horavue application.

Alert Notification from Horavue:

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With Horavue, the testing is made easy and any malfunctioning prospects can be identified and weeded out much before going into production. Comparative analysis and graphs aid the user to easily understand the data coming through.

By signing up, one can easily integrate it with any kind of IoT hardware to visualise their data in a much more meaningful manner. And most of all, all you need is a simple and a comprehensible software to use, not a complex one and there’s none other than Horavue to fulfil the case.