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LogFuze’s mission has always been to empower business evolving around the Internet of Things. Our product HoraVue was designed to be both easy to use and be powerful at the same time for the sole reason that even the small business can benefit by having our tools in their arsenal.

HoraVue primarily focuses on to reduce, to machine downtime and to improve its pertinent productivity via constant monitoring. Basically, the large and the medium scale industries are the one who opts for HoraVue. On the contrary, we also found out that there is an another need lurking around in the IoT industry for the large, medium and the small scale manufacturers for prototyping and building cloud software for the purpose data visualization. Once that need was found out, our developers started building a new software that would meet the requirements of these manufacturers. And that’s how HoraVue was born. HoraVue is a SaaS based Open IoT Visualization software that helps to collect, storage, visualize and analyze real time data streams from your things. It is a simple software solution for our existing clients, the IoT developers from the R&D division of enterprises, IoT hardware startups & enthusiasts, students involved in IoT researches. etc. It helps to visualize their hardware generated data in a more meaningful manner. Listed down are the features, HoraVue comes out with.

Data collection & visualization

Data storage & backup

Data sharing


Manage multiple IoT streams in a single login.

Supports most of the evolving IoT standard protocols like HTTP, LoRa, MQTT. etc.

Typically there are a lot of data available in the daily hardwares we make use of. We enable this data to reach our cloud and to get stored in your desired stream, you can analyze and visualize it and interact with it in any possible way you desire of. Once the data is stored in the cloud it becomes easy to access by anyone anywhere. With the use of our online visualization tools and dashboard you can view and discover patterns and relationships and trends prevailing in the data.

HoraVue offers free sign up to 10 streams. However, there are various subscription plans based on the usage and requirements of the customer. There’s also an customized plan that would well match the customer’s needs if any of the other plans doesn’t. In general, stream comes with a maximum space of 1 GB limit and as far as the subscription plans are concerned, they are either based on a monthly or on yearly basis.

This product is a result of continuous analysis and study of the market and trends and we are certain that this is the need of the hour considering the fact that the world is facing a startup boom particularly in IoT and we are more than happy to support the developer community. We know our product works well because there are a lot of testing going on behind the scenes and to provide upgrades on a periodical basis to please our customers. All you have to do is sign up for HoraVue and start experiencing it’s exuberant features and make use of it.

So enough of all that pondering about building a suitable software to prototype. Now we will do that for you. Just roll up that sleeve and sign up for HoraVue.