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We are rolling out our next update for Horavue and we cannot be excited more. We have been getting positive response since the release and we have been only looking forward to make it much better. This approach of ours has been one of the prime reasons for this update.

What to watch out for?

MQTT protocol added to free plan scheme

It’s great news if you are planning to visualize your MQTT data, because LogFuze have decided to add MQTT to its free plan in the pricing.This step was taken in order to bring the MQTT broker much accessible to the people as it is considered as one of the most evolving IoT protocols in the industry today.


Now get customised alerts with the data that’s been pushed to visualise. This will set up a new norm in the platform to receive alerts when things go beyond palatable limits.

Export/Download data in PostgreSQL, MySQL, CSV & JSON

The data can be now sent and received in any format the user wants. This feature negates the work of converting all the data to his/her desired format later on in the process. Thus making it a tad easier for the users.

Integrated calendar

This one is an auxiliary feature adding the pre-existing ones. The calendar system is now integrated with Horavue so that the user can have his hands on any data that was sent; no matter how long ago, provided the user must know the date on which the data was sent. Thus scrolling up the feeds in search of history is no longer an option.

Your constant support has taken Horavue to places and we can’t thank you enough. For those who haven’t tried it yet, have a crack at it and let us know what you think of it or drop us a mail at We appreciate feedbacks.