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Basically for the hardware innovators, the IoT data visualization is a time consuming process because when they are making a prototype, things will become a little stagnant as there will be a need for a tool that can aid them with both the individual and group testing process.

Usually, there will be different kinds of prototypes with different protocols for which the data has to be visualized. At that situation, they are left with two options. They either, had to make their own software or buy one from a vendor that would match their needs. As the personnels are much more expertized in the hardware sector and not much aware of the software side, they usually face a lot more complications whilst developing the software. Hence, we recommend to go with the latter option of buying one from a vendor as it saves an insane amount of time and energy for them.

We all are aware of the fact that data visibility is the key to make the hardware to perfection. Once data visibility is obtained, and with IoT gateway and sensors integrated, success isn’t a far cry and that's why it’s advisable to have a tool to visualize.

Enter Horavue

A couple of months ago, one of our customer's who is into industrial IoT research, asked us for a lite version of HoraData to visualize their data from their prototypes, and that was only one of the many requests we got during that particular time. As we all know, a lot of OEM are already into IoT and many of them are still searching for ways to get their hands on IoT. We realized if we are going to come up with a new product then there is no other better time than this.. And then on with months of hard work and dedication from LogFuze we are now happy to announce the launch of Horavue.

Horavue is a SaaS based Open IoT Data Visualization software that helps to collect, store, visualize and analyze real time data from your machines anytime.

OEM's IoT R&D Team: The R&D department personnels exploit the uses of Horavue to the fullest in their operations of data visualization of prototype and such.

IoT Enablers/System integrators: For startups who are into hardware, Horavue is certain to assist them with its wide rage of features.

IoT Enthusiasts: For the freelancers and part time workers Horavue proves to be a cornerstone to their works.

IoT Research students: The simple and easiness in this product will prove to come in handy to all the students who wish to do projects and researches in IoT.

Easiness in integration with any kind of IoT Hardware.

To visualize the data in a more meaningful way.

Most of all, you need a simple and comprehensible software for the user to work, not a complex one.

It’s free for the student community and always will be.

A maximum of 30 parameters can be created and add any number of devices which is not possible for our contemporaries in the market.


You can sign up directly from the Horavue website for free and start using it right away (no credit card details required).

If in case, you need an extended usage, you will get Horavue Plus based on your requirement, for which you have to make a necessary payment.